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FALL SALE: Enter code TICKTOCKTEN for an additional 10% off at checkout!

FALL SALE: Enter code TICKTOCKTEN for an additional 10% off at checkout!

Shipping, Warranty, Returns & Guarantee

Free Same-day Domestic Shipping

Orders of in-stock items that are received before 2:00 PM Pacific Time ship the same day for free via domestic ground freight. Second-day or overnight shipping is available for an additional fee if needed.

Grandfather clocks and accessory furnishings ship directly from their respective manufacturers via truck freight, with free white-glove delivery where available. Please allow 2-3 weeks for handling and freight time for larger items.

International Shipping

We can ship your new clock almost anywhere on the globe, and we can also handle all the required customs and duty payments.

Shipping fees vary by region, so contact us for a quote.

30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee

If, within 30 days of purchase, you find a lower advertised price for an identical new item from any authorized dealer (including us!), and you send us a link to the website or online marketplace where you spotted it, we will immediately refund the difference.

We don’t think it’s going to happen very often though.

Easy Returns

We strive for total customer satisfaction. Please call or email us, and we will be happy to assist you with the replacement or return of damaged or defective items. Before disposing of the shipping carton, please take a moment to confirm that all included accessories are accounted for and that no shipping damage has occurred.

Most items are eligible for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of purchase. They must be returned in new, unaltered condition, in the original packaging, with all included accessories and documentation, or additional restocking fees may apply. At your request, we will provide a return shipping label via email and deduct the return shipping cost from your refund.

Large items such as grandfather clocks and curio cabinets that require truck freight are not returnable, and all sales are final. Any damage must be reported within 7 days of delivery to be eligible for carrier claims.

Free extended warranty

Because we service what we sell, we’re proud to offer industry-exclusive FREE extended warranty coverage for our clock customers, for a period of one year beyond the expiration of the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Clocks must be returned to us to be eligible for extended warranty coverage. Coverage excludes transportation charges, as well as damage incurred through shipping, rough handling, or misuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

 My antique clock’s hour count doesn’t match the hands. What can I do?

On older time-and-strike clocks that don't automatically synchronize, you should advance the minute hand to about two minutes before the hour, making sure that it doesn’t actually trigger. Then back it up to about a quarter before the hour. This will cause the clock to strike the next number in the sequence. Repeat the process until the clock completes an hour or half hour count that is correct for time the hands show, then finally advance the minute hand past the hour to trigger the number that matches the hour hand. Continue to advance the hand as usual to set the time, pausing each half hour to wait for the strike to complete.  

  • My modern mechanical clock's hour count doesn't match the hands. What can I do?

    Your hour hand got moved out of position, so you just need to move it back to where the clock thinks it is. With the long minute hand at the 12, gently move the short hour hand forward or backward to the number that corresponds to the time that just struck. Then reset the time with the minute hand as usual. The next hour strike should be correct.

  • My battery powered clock’s hour count doesn’t match the hands. What can I do?

    Remove and re-install the batteries, which will reset the hour count to the programmed default setting. Advance the hands until the hour counts, and remember that number. Remove the batteries again. With the batteries out, advance the hands to just before the time that counted. Re-install the batteries once more, and advance the hands to the correct time, verifying along the way that the clock is striking correctly.

  • What’s the best way to wind my clock? Can I overwind it?

    There really is no way to “overwind” a modern clock, and indeed they must be fully wound each week to run properly. When you turn the key or crank, you will feel and hear the ratchet clicking until you reach the point where you simply can’t get any more clicks out of it. Just be cautious when you release the key under tension that you don’t allow it to snap back harshly against the ratchet pawl. By releasing it gently until you feel it catches, you are ensuring that the mainspring is held securely in place and that the key will never spin back against your fingers.

  • Can I turn my hands backward?

    If the clock is less than fifty years old and key wound, almost certainly. You can be sure it’s safe to set backward if you don’t encounter unusual resistance and only hear or feel soft clicking from the trigger assembly (any binding obviously means stop immediately). However, if the clock is battery operated or very old, it is safest to only move the hands clockwise. In any event, it is ALWAYS perfectly fine to advance your hands clockwise as much as you need to. And due to the advent of self-synchronizing chimes, there is no need to stop and wait for the melody to play before proceeding to the correct time on modern clocks.

  • What batteries should I use?

    We recommend that you only use brand-new, alkaline-type batteries and that you never stock up in advance. Regardless of whatever “use-by” date is printed on your batteries, they will lose crucial capacity in storage, and after one year of manufacture, they are at risk of leaking when under the heavy load that clocks place upon them. If your clock was supplied with batteries in the box, plan on replacing them within one year, and every year thereafter.

  • How hard is it to move and set up a grandfather clock?

    Modern clocks are quite easy to transport and install. For shipment, your chime rods should be padded with foam or other soft materials, and the weights and pendulum must be unhooked and packed separately. Once those items are secure, you can move a clock the same way you would move any other large furniture, taking care to protect the cabinet and glass. The trickiest part of the whole process is leveling and stabilizing the cabinet, which is accomplished by adjusting the screw-type levelers on the bottom. Call us at 541-344-4142 if you need assistance with moving your clock.

  • Where can I find a good clock repair shop in my area?

    If you’re in western Oregon, give us a call! If you don’t have a well known, full service clock retailer that operates in your area, you may still be able to obtain excellent service from one of the many independent clockmakers that stay busy on the strength of referrals alone. So how do you identify a good one? A great method is to call a number of local antique dealers and ask who they call for their clock repair needs. If you hear the same name from multiple referring dealers, then that should be your clockmaker too.